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  Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher.

  Netflix's adaptation of the fantasy book series The Witcher is almost here. The popular novels have already been adapted into a video game series and comic books, but some people have described the upcoming show as Netflix's answer to Game of Thrones.  

  The Witcher tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who kills mythical beasts for money. He's cynical and pragmatic, but Geralt does reluctantly help those in need as he travels the fictional land of The Continent. 

  Here's everything you need to know about the show. (Read: The Witcher en español.)

  The show will stream starting Dec. 20, according to the latest trailer, released on Oct. 31.

  This story has the makings of our greatest ballad yet. The Witcher arrives 20 December. pic.twitter.com/u2UcaJvUvC

  On Sept. 11, Witcher fansite Redandian Intelligence reported that it had found deleted tweets from Netflix's Netherlands Twitter account that listed the show's premiere as 97 days away, which would've been Dec. 17 -- not so far off. 

  On Sept. 13, a Netflix spokesperson told Video Game Chronicles that the posts were made in error and that the launch date hadn't been confirmed. 

  The new trailer came during the Lucca Comics and Games convention in Lucca, Italy, on Oct. 31. The con will have multiple panels for the show, featuring the author of the books, Andrzej Sapkowski; showrunner Lauren Hissrich; Anya Chalotra, who plays Yennefer; and Freya Allan, who plays Ciri. 

   @netflixit arriva a #LuccaCG19 con grandi novità: l’anteprima mondiale del trailer di @witchernetflix , insieme a incontri e panel con la creatrice della serie Lauren Schmidt Hissrich e le due giovani protagoniste Anya Chalotra e Freya Allan. #thewitcher

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  To promote the panels at the convention, the Italian Netflix YouTube channel released a short promotional video that has a few new snippets of footage from the show. 

  Production of the first season officially ended in April, according to social media posts from actor Adam Levy, who plays Mousesack, and director Charlotte Brändström.

  In May 2017, Netflix announced it was adapting the books into a series. Hissrich, the showrunner, was a producer for Daredevil and Marvel's The Defenders. 

  Taking the lead role of Geralt of Rivia is Superman himself, Henry Cavill. The actor has said he's a fan of the novels and the video game series, in particular, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He told IGN in August 2018, when he was promoting Mission Impossible: Fallout, how much he wanted the role. He was picked for the job the following month.

  He was my first meeting. I didn’t have writers or scripts yet – just a greenlight and a lot of passion. That was four months ago, and I’ve never forgotten the passion he brought. He IS Geralt. He always has been. I’m so thrilled to welcome HENRY CAVILL to the #Witcher family.

  In the October issue of French magazine Premiere, Cavill talked about his experience on the set and his love for the franchise. A Reddit user translated the interview in which the lead actor talked about how much he loved wearing the costume and wig while on set. He also described how he lived and breathed the Witcher universe before he was cast as the lead and that he already prepared for the role long before the show was even announced. 

  A new image of Cavill in the title role appeared on Twitter Sept. 28. 

  New image of Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher! pic.twitter.com/pzh2kZTo53

  The other principal actors in the series are Freya Allan (Into the Badlands) as Ciri and Anya Chalotra (The ABC Murders, Wanderlust) as Yennefer. Ciri is the young princess of Cintra, one of the kingdoms in the world of The Witcher, and Yennefer is a sorceress who is Geralt's love interest and mother of Ciri. 

  Anya *Chalotra* plays Yennefer — as an apology for the early morning typo, here are some more photos of #TheWitcher stars! pic.twitter.com/gCpQV4RmmN

  Another important role cast for the show is Roach, Geralt's horse and traveling companion, who's a favorite among fans. 

   The road to San Diego is long. The good news is, on her worst day, Roach beats the company of Men, Elves, Gnomes and even Dwarves. She's not always easy, but she knows more than most and cares just enough to be the only kind of company worth enjoying. #Roach #SDCC #ComicCon @WitcherNetflix

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  Hissrich, in an interview Monday with Spanish video game magazine Hobby Consolas, said Cavill personally picked out his horse for the show and the two have a "humorous relationship." 

  Some of the cast will speak a new language created by David J. Peterson. He's known for creating the Dothraki and Valyrian languages in Game of Thrones. 

  A new set of shots of the characters appeared in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on Oct. 23. The images show more of Cavill as Geralt, along with a new image of Yennefer. There's also a shot of what appears to be a monster trying to hold a woman's hand. 

  Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski wrote the first book featuring Geralt in 1992, with the English title Sword of Destiny. Both it and the follow-up, The Last Wish, were a series of short stories featuring the protagonist. Sapkowski then went on to write the five-book saga about Geralt and Ciri. 

  In the books, Geralt's job is that of a professional monster hunter known as a witcher. He was trained for the job as a young child and was experimented on, which turned his skin and hair white and gave him superhuman strength. Geralt is also skilled in magic and sword fighting. 

  In his travels, Geralt has killed all sorts of monsters for the right price. He's also showed compassion for those in need of someone with his skills. 

  Spoiler: the end we're driving toward makes me weep.

  As for the plot of the show, there's minimal info outside of the trailer. A portion of the casting script was leaked on Reddit but contains no plot spoilers. Hissrich tweeted in July that the goal for the end of the season is to make viewers cry. 

  Spoiler: the end we're driving toward makes me weep.

  Although the series isn't adapting the Witcher video games, the stories told in the games are considered faithful stories of The Witcher universe. The Witcher games are available on the PC, Xbox One, PS4 and a recently released Nintendo Switch version of The Witcher 3. 

  Originally published Sept. 6 and updated as new information is revealed.



  管家婆三肖公式【众】【所】【周】【知】,【这】【几】【天】【小】【米】9CCPro【这】【款】【手】【机】【被】【大】【家】【推】【到】【了】【风】【口】【浪】【尖】【上】,【原】【因】【是】【这】【一】【款】3000【元】【档】【的】【手】【机】,【拍】【照】【成】【绩】【居】【然】【和】【华】【为】6000【元】【档】【的】Mate30 Pro【一】【致】。

  “【可】【是】【不】【会】【被】【发】【现】【吗】?” “【放】【心】,【那】【个】【地】【方】【偏】【僻】【的】【很】,【我】【也】【是】【无】【意】【中】【绕】【到】【那】【里】【才】【发】【现】【的】,【而】【且】【十】【三】【公】【主】【好】【像】【也】【是】【偷】【偷】【溜】【出】【来】【的】,【身】【边】【没】【人】【跟】【着】,【她】【一】【个】【普】【通】【人】【怎】【么】【可】【能】【发】【现】【得】【了】?” “【可】【我】【还】【是】【觉】【得】【奇】【怪】,【她】【一】【个】【堂】【堂】【公】【主】【殿】【下】,【不】【在】【自】【己】【的】【寝】【殿】,【为】【什】【么】【偏】【偏】【要】【跑】【到】【那】【个】【偏】【僻】【的】【小】【湖】【里】【洗】【澡】?” “【管】【那】【么】

  【在】【凌】【天】【带】【着】【李】【修】【平】【和】【楚】【阳】【进】【入】【凌】【天】【宫】【之】【时】,【楚】【阳】【分】【明】【看】【到】,【在】【那】【些】【柱】【子】【上】【的】【龙】【凤】【雕】【刻】,【各】【种】【神】【兽】,【同】【时】【低】【下】【了】【头】,【那】【是】【一】【种】【五】【体】【投】【地】【的】【朝】【拜】。 【楚】【阳】【尚】【在】【惊】【叹】【之】【际】,【却】【发】【现】【转】【瞬】【之】【间】,【他】【们】【已】【经】【来】【到】【了】【一】【处】【花】【园】,【一】【个】【白】【衣】【少】【女】,【正】【在】【花】【园】【中】【缓】【缓】【行】【走】,【似】【乎】【要】【往】【那】【盛】【开】【的】【花】【树】【下】【走】【去】。 【这】【个】【白】【衣】【少】【女】,【浑】【身】【的】【圣】

  【肖】【小】【葱】【挂】【了】【电】【话】,【准】【备】【悄】**【的】【回】【会】【议】【室】,【一】【转】【身】【差】【点】【撞】【到】【一】【个】【人】。 【肖】【小】【葱】【站】【定】,【定】【睛】【一】【看】,【原】【来】【是】【谷】【南】【一】。 【谷】【南】【一】【四】【下】【望】【了】【望】,【看】【到】【没】【有】【人】【才】【问】【道】:“【小】【葱】,【你】【和】【你】【哥】【哥】【晚】【上】【要】【一】【起】【吃】【饭】【吗】?【嗯】……【可】【不】【可】【以】【带】【我】【一】【起】【去】【啊】?” 【肖】【小】【葱】【倒】【吸】【一】【口】【凉】【气】,【这】【国】【际】【大】【影】【后】【为】【什】【么】【总】【是】【盯】【着】【肖】【蒜】【不】【放】【呢】,【而】【且】【这】

  【沈】【清】【水】【发】【烧】【烧】【了】【两】【天】,【都】【是】【林】【茵】【茵】【在】【照】【顾】,【虽】【然】【她】【必】【须】【紧】【急】【抱】【佛】【脚】【看】【笔】【记】,【但】【还】【是】【牺】【牲】【时】【间】【照】【顾】【她】【了】。 【可】【能】【就】【是】【因】【为】【这】【样】【被】【照】【顾】【了】【两】【天】,【所】【以】【第】【三】【天】【的】【时】【候】,【林】【茵】【茵】【稍】【微】【的】【神】【情】【不】【对】【劲】,【沈】【清】【水】【就】【看】【出】【来】【了】。 “【你】【有】【事】?”【她】【合】【上】【书】,【看】【向】【林】【茵】【茵】。 【对】【方】【只】【敷】【衍】【的】【摇】【了】【一】【下】【头】,“【没】【事】。【你】【还】【有】【别】【的】【笔】【记】【么】管家婆三肖公式【华】【强】【打】【开】【包】【厢】【的】【门】,【想】【一】【走】【了】【之】,【谁】【知】【被】**【的】【四】【个】【卫】【兵】【用】【刀】【逼】【住】。【华】【强】【不】【知】【道】【这】【四】【人】【是】**【的】【卫】【兵】,【只】【知】【道】【他】【们】【是】【花】【家】【庄】【的】【庄】【客】,【是】【来】【帮】“【许】【梁】”【找】【他】【报】【仇】【的】。【华】【强】【与】【这】【四】【个】【卫】【兵】【动】【过】【手】,【领】【略】【过】【他】【们】【的】【手】【段】,【看】【来】【今】【天】【只】【有】【拼】【死】【一】【搏】【了】。【于】【是】,【华】【强】【摆】【开】【马】【步】,【使】【一】【招】【仙】【人】【指】【路】,【将】【右】【手】【指】【着】【四】【个】【卫】【兵】,【对】**【怒】【吼】

  【杨】【念】【中】【回】【到】【家】,【就】【感】【觉】【到】【了】【特】【别】【的】【温】【馨】,【身】【心】【得】【到】【了】【放】【松】,【小】【跑】【的】【回】【到】【了】【自】【己】【的】【房】【间】,【把】【自】【己】【身】【上】【的】【衣】【服】【扒】【下】【来】,【顺】【着】【通】【道】【丢】【到】【了】【楼】【下】【洗】【衣】【间】。 【杨】【氏】【家】【族】【的】【女】【仆】【会】【把】【这】【些】【衣】【服】【收】【集】【起】【来】,【然】【后】【好】【好】【的】【洗】【进】【行】【熨】【烫】,【洗】【干】【净】【的】【衣】【服】,【会】【在】【第】2【天】【出】【现】【在】【杨】【念】【中】【的】【衣】【橱】【里】【面】。 【脱】【完】【衣】【服】【杨】【念】【中】【就】【一】【下】【子】【跳】【到】【了】【浴】【池】【里】

  【朱】【圣】【离】【开】【临】【川】【城】【的】【时】【候】,【已】【经】【过】【了】【早】【饭】【时】【候】【了】。 【他】【寻】【思】【着】,【墨】【门】【一】【定】【是】【要】【抓】【住】【墨】【九】【天】【之】【死】【栽】【赃】【朱】【门】,【墨】【门】【想】【要】【以】【此】【为】【借】【口】【打】【压】【朱】【门】,【一】【定】【是】! 【这】【样】【的】【话】,【那】【个】【墨】【山】,【一】【定】【会】【极】【尽】【拖】【延】【之】【能】【事】,【巴】【不】【得】【他】【朱】【圣】【无】【所】【作】【为】。 【所】【以】,【朱】【圣】【并】【不】【着】【急】,【尽】【管】【已】【经】【不】【早】【了】。 【他】【有】【一】【点】【疑】【惑】,【是】【关】【于】【飞】【绝】【巨】【的】。【他】【清】

  【但】【很】【显】【然】,【从】【刺】【刀】【他】【们】【此】【刻】【有】【说】【有】【笑】【的】【表】【情】【来】【看】,【对】【于】【这】【些】【嘘】【声】,【他】【们】【根】【本】【没】【有】【在】【意】。 “【哈】【哈】,【我】【们】【理】【解】【甲】【骨】【文】【球】【馆】【对】【刺】【刀】【的】【憎】【恨】,【坦】【白】【讲】,【这】【在】nba,【一】【点】【都】【不】【奇】【怪】,【所】【以】,【我】【们】【也】【都】【看】【到】【了】,【刺】【刀】【的】【表】【情】【看】【上】【去】【依】【旧】【没】【什】【么】【问】【题】” 【作】【为】【江】【昊】【的】【铁】【杆】【球】【迷】,【查】【尔】【斯】【爵】【士】【在】***【直】【播】【间】【捧】【腹】【大】【笑】【了】【起】【来】。

  【前】【方】【不】【远】,【巷】【子】【也】【不】【深】,【径】【直】【的】【跑】【了】【几】【十】【米】【就】【到】【了】【刚】【刚】【亮】【光】【的】【地】【方】。 【从】【刚】【刚】【的】【光】【柱】【来】【看】,【绝】【对】【是】【手】【电】【发】【出】【来】【的】【光】,【而】【且】【就】【是】【冲】【着】【他】【们】【来】【的】。 【可】【是】【刚】【刚】【除】【了】【看】【见】【光】【亮】【外】,【看】【不】【清】【其】【他】【任】【何】【东】【西】,【到】【底】【是】【谁】? 【等】【大】【伙】【都】【冲】【出】【来】【的】【时】【候】,【早】【已】【不】【见】【了】,【和】【红】【衣】【的】【女】【人】【一】【样】,【凭】【空】【消】【失】【了】。 “【不】【管】【了】,【去】【港】【口】【找】